Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Visiting Artist This Week and Next

From Creatives Without Borders
This message is from Savery Kelly. 

Note the three different days of these events. This is so it will be possible for students with different schedules to take part in the Visiting Artist Program.

Zsuzsanna Ardo will also be in seminar on Wednesday at our 2 pm. meeting. She will also be available for several studio visits after the seminar meeting.  Contact Savery Kelly to request a visit.

Good Afternoon, this is a reminder about the awesome visiting artist talks for this week and next!
Thursday, October 17, 11:30a: Public Artist Talk with Zsuzsanna Ardó, Hardie 201
Bring your lunch and join visual artist and curator Zsuzsanna Ardó this Thursday to hear directly about her artistic practice.
Many of Ardó's investigations are expressed both visually and in text. Her themes and medium are wide-ranging, including work on the immigrant or migrant experience.  www.ardo.org orwww.hasweb.org

Tuesday, October 22, 11:30a: Public Artist Talk with Alumnus Aaron BouvierHardie 201
Come hear Aaron Bouvier speak about his experiences designing the iconic image for One Heart Boston, which benefits The One Fund Boston and all victims of the tragic events surrounding this year’s Boston Marathon.
Bouvier is Boston-based and draws on his unique background in drawing, painting, and printmaking to create a fresh and distinctive design style. www.aaronbouvier.com

Wednesday, October 23, 11:30a: Public Artist Talk with Jennifer Hom, Hardie 201
Bring your lunch and hear directly from Jennifer Hom about her work as a Google Doodler!
She has created some of the most famous Google Doodles and we are thrilled to have her to campus. http://blog.jenniferhom.com/

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