Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Comics are not literature"

For classes of Nov. 10 and 15, we're discussing comics:
= “Art Spiegelman: Lips,” interview by Harvey Blume, Boston Book Review, June 1995.
= "Comics are not literature" panel, 2007.
= Chris Ware "Introduction" to McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, number 13, 2004.

Plus comics by
= Ron Rege Jr. (his work is pictured above)
= Lynda Barry
= Chris Ware

Re: Relational Aesthetics-Lisa Spellman and her 303 Gallery

New York magazine recently published a profile of Lisa Spellman and her 303 Gallery where Rirkrit Tiravanija" debuted his "Untitled 1992 (Free)" installation, "in which the artist took everything in the gallery’s kitchen, office, and storage room and set it all up smack in the middle of the space."