Monday, October 28, 2013


Senior Fine Arts Seminar           

One Hundred Fifty Words Assignment

In this assignment you will be writing one hundred and fifty words about someone else's artwork. I am asking you to pair off with a classmate in seminar and consider a particular piece of their work, a drawing, a photograph, a painting, performance or sculpture.  What you write should include the following things;
• Description,
• Your experience of looking,
• References to other things you have seen,
• Connections to ideas in literature, poetry, popular culture or music,
• Questions,
• Comparisons

The goal in this assignment is to give you experience and practice at writing about what you see. You will be organizing your experience so that others can comprehend it. In this case, what you write about is not as important as what you write. Start with a particular piece and pay attention to it. See what ideas that come up for you, take notes. Your writing may lead you to connect this piece to other pieces by the same artist.
Consider this an exercise. Expect to revise and refine.

References;       Writing about Art by Terry Barret
                            Writing About Visual Art by David Carrier

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