Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dave Ortega on Tuesday and Wednesday

Artist Dave Ortega will give public presentation of his work on Tuesday at 11:30 in rm. 201. On Wednesday he will be available for several studio visits starting at 12:30. He will then speak to the entire seminar at 2 pm.

"I grew up in the weird mixture of wide open spaces and suburban strip malls of El Paso, Texas. After college, I moved to Boston to pursue a career in art and illustration. I've exhibited in art shows both on my own and with friends fromThe Miracle 5.
My work has been seen on the New Yorker website, swag for Don't Panic UK, Wilco t-shirts, A Beautiful/Decay publication, the Boston Phoenix, The Weekly Dig (Boston), WMBR Cambridge, banners for the the City of Somerville and Tinymeat wallets."

Here is his website

Those of you who would like to have a studio visit with David Ortega can either talk to him at the presentation on Tuesday or let Savery Kelly know that you are interested. I think he can perhaps do 3 or 4 studio visits on Wednesday before our big meeting.

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