Monday, September 12, 2011

Guidelines for 301 workspaces Please Read,

Below is an image of the agreement that we will be using for the workspaces in the 301 Cabot Street building.

We will be distributing these forms at our meeting Wednesday at 2 pm.

Montserrat College of Art

301 Cabot Street Workspace
Guidelines and Agreement
Fall 2011

By signing this form you agree to follow these guidelines for the use of a workspace in the 301 Cabot Street Building.

Walls are painted white. You can paint your workspace. No adhesive coverings can be used on the walls. No holes can be cut in the walls. You may attach things with screws or nails but they must be removable. Nothing can be stored on, or attached to the top of the walls. When you leave your studio it must be in the same state as you found it. Clear floor, empty walls, white color,
Floors can be covered. No adhesives can be used to attach floor coverings.
No curtains can be hung across the openings in workspaces.
Radios/music/cell phones
The 301 building is a shared workspace. Be respectful of others when using your workspace.
Keys are obtainable from, Sharon McManus in the main office in the Hardie Building. There is a key fee of $25, which is returnable when you have cleared out your workspace.
The hours of the building are 8 am. to 1 am. 7 days/week. The building is locked at 7 pm. daily and on weekends. You must sign in after the daylight hours and on weekends, no exceptions.
Health and Safety
Do not store anything in the hallways or passageways.
Personal items should not be stored in common areas.
Solvent based paints or palettes should be covered at all times
All solvents and paints should be stored in labeled containers in the yellow safety cabinet

I agree to these terms and guidelines for the use of a workspace in 301 Cabot Street.


Supervisor/ Faculty

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