Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greg: MFA's new contemporary art wing

For discussion on Sept. 26, Greg's group is required to visit the Museum of Fine Arts' new Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art--including viewing the Ellsworth Kelly "Wood Sculpture" show and Christian Marclay's "The Clock." Write about and prepare to discuss: One artist whom you’re glad is represented in the wing, one artist to cut from the show, and one artist who should be included but isn't. The big issue to consider: How do we define which artists matter and which don't as we create art history?

Also consider reviews of the new wing, like:
= Sebastian Smee in the Boston Globe: "The MFA Opens Itself Up to Momentous Change with New Contemporary Art Space."
= David Bonetti at Berkshire Fine Arts.
= "A Wing Where Contemporary Art Can Converse" by Ken Johnson in The New York Times.
= Ten things to see in the MFA's Linde Family Wing, according to Steven S. Kapica at Fenway News.
= Greg Cook in the Boston Phoenix.

Brilliant photo above copyright by The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research.

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