Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Presentation guidelines

Senior Fine Arts Seminar

The purpose of the presentations is to practice articulating your ideas. This means that you will be discussing the work of a living artist or your own work and relating that work and ideas to the issues and ideas that you are engaged with in a contemporary art-historical context. Presentations should be 10 minutes in length and include a digital slideshow. It should feature original research, not things repackaged from earlier in this class or other classes. A successful presentation should include some of the following;

• A description of the artist's work.
• Interpretation of the artist’s work and ideas.
• A connection between your work and the artist's work visually (what it looks like) and conceptually (the ideas behind it), while putting the ideas in a contemporary art-historical context.
• Some discussion of where your work either diverges from or converges with this artist's work.
• A conclusion with some reference to your experience with this artist.

Your presentation will be about your own work. A successful presentation should include some of the following;
• Some background regarding your recent work (this is not the time for your biography).
• A description of your present work.
• Interpretation of your work.
• A connection between your work and issues and ideas in the contemporary art world. 
• A citation of some artists whose work is relevant to this connection.
•  A concluding discussion of what is next in the development of your work.

Be clear and concise. Try to avoid generalizations and art jargon in your presentations. It is okay for you to quote the words of a critic or artist if you give credit and make a reference to that writer. Remember that you are speaking about YOUR experience and ideas. Video is welcome, but it should not take the place of your own descriptions and analysis. Practice beforehand and keep track of time.

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