Monday, October 3, 2011

Greg: Art/Work

For classes of Oct. 17, Greg's class will be discussing:

= This American Life: "Giant Pool of Money" broadcast
= "The Workers" exhibit at MassMoCA
= Boston Phoenix: "Activist transform Boston bus shelters into foreclosed homes"
= Seattle Stranger: "A Black Box and a Bloody Mess..."
= New York Times: "Art That Sells Itself"

Essay assignment: Pick one of the artists in MassMoCA's "The Workers" exhibit and compare their art to the activists' bus shelters and Caleb Larsen's "A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter" and "$10,000 Sculpture (in progress)" (pictured above). How do they address the art economy and/or the economy at large? Are some better or worse? Why? What do you learn from this sort of art? Is it satisfying as art or polemics? Etc.

See also:
= Occupy Wall Street
= Occupy Boston

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