Monday, January 31, 2011

David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly”

Students in Greg's discussion group should watch David Wojnarowicz’s video “A Fire in My Belly” (above) and read the following public statements and reports about the controversy it sparked at the Smithsonian. Then for our class on Feb. 7, write about the Smithsonian's decisions to remove Wojnarowicz's video but keep AA Bronson's photo in the "Hide/Seek" exhibit. Was the Smithsonian right, wrong, or somewhere in between? Back up your position by citing information in the readings.

June 2, 2010: Smithsonian: The National Portrait Gallery Presents “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture”

Nov. 30, 2010: Catholic League: Smithsonan Hosts Anti-Christian Exhibit

Nov. 30, 2010: New York Magazine: U.S. Representative John Boehner Is Now a Curator

Nov. 30, 21010: Smithsonian: Statement on “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture”

Dec. 6, 2010: L.A. Times: Smithsonian Institution fails to stand up to anti-gay bullies

Dec. 7, 2010: Smithsonian: Q&A Regarding the "Hide/Seek" Exhibition

Dec. 10, 2010: Washington Post: 'Fire' man: Wojnarowicz, censored by Smithsonian, sounded an alarm in dire times

Dec. 16, 2010: Modern Art Notes: Q&A with AA Bronson on ‘Hide/Seek,’ ‘Felix’

Dec. 16, 2010: Catholic League: The "American Taliban" Catholic League

Pictured: David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly” from ppow_gallery on Vimeo.

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