Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogs to waste time with

A sampling of art blogs and websites:
Claire Beckett, personal site of Boston photographer.
"The Big Picture," amazing photojournalism compiled by the Boston Globe.
Sharon Butler's "Two Coats of Paint," aggregates of what's happening in painting everywhere, by a Connecticut artist.
Jordan Crane's "What Things Do" comics site. LA artist, formerly resided Somerville.
"Culture Monster," round up of West Coast and national art stuff by writers of The LA Times.
Dirt Palace, feminist art collective in Providence.
"Fecal Face," national reports with Lowbrow slant from San Francisco.
Raul Gonzalez's "Cerebot" personal blog. Somerville artist.
Tyler Green's "Modern Art Notes," national art reports by DC blogger.
The Institute for Infinitely Small Things' website. Boston conceptual art and performance group.
Paddy Johnson's "Art Fag City," New York reports.
Misaki Kawai, personal site of New York artist.
Fred Lynch's"Picture It" illustration blog. Montserrat teacher.
Jane D. Marsching's personal website. Boston artist.
Massachusetts Cultural Council's "ArtSake" blog of local artists and art opportunities.
Massachusetts Cultural Council's "HireCulture," site of Massachusetts art-type jobs.
Megan and Murray, personal blog of Providence art duo.
The Miracle 5, website for group of Somerville artists.
"New Bodega" group blog by cartoonists including, occasionally Montserrat's Greg Cook.
John Osorio-Buck's website. Boston artist.
Ron Rege's "Cartoon Utopia" blog. LA artist, formerly resided Massachusetts.
Randy Regier, personal site of Portland sculptor.
Alec Soth's "Little Brown Mushrooms" photography blog. Minneapolis artist.
Zoe Strauss's photo blog. Live from Philadelphia.
Andi Sutton's personal website. Boston artist.
Millee Tibbs, personal site of Providence photographer.
Pippi Zornoza, personal site of Providence artist.

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